Ask Mary: What Kind of Cooking Spray Can I Use?

Ask Mary: What Kind of Cooking Spray Can I Use?

Sandra K, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, wrote to me and said:

“I’m out of Pam, but I found a can of cold pressed Olive Oil non-stick cooking spray. I cannot find my Pam, just moved and it must have been left behind. Will this Olive Oil spray work just as well? I also had some spray coconut oil, that I cannot find. Will this work also?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.”

Hi Sandra. Thanks for your note!

I am presuming that you are referring to how I clean and store my vintage cast iron pans? After cleaning, I dry them thoroughly, and then do a light spritz with Pam and wipe the Pam around; coating all surfaces. I then place a piece of paper towels between my pans if I am going to stack them. If I am placing a lid on a skillet or pot, I also put a piece of paper towel between the inverted lid and the pot.

Sandra, you can use whatever oil suits your fancy. Your olive oil spray will work – though be sure it is a very light coat so it does not get rancid. I also use spray coconut oil for this same purpose. In fact, I am presently using my spray coconut oil more frequently than I am using Pam.

I’m so glad you are enjoying your vintage cast iron pans and are working to keep them in tip-top condition for cooking. Thanks for the question!


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