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How to Make a Cake to the “Brenda” Standard with a Griswold Cast Iron Cake Mold

How to Make a Cake to the “Brenda” Standard with a Griswold Cast Iron Cake Mold

In my blog post about Doyle Pregler and Brenda Bernstein’s vintage cast iron cookware collection, I shared some photos of Brenda’s beautiful cakes made with cast iron molds. Accomplice Linda has tried to make a Griswold lamb cake from her vintage cast iron mold, and […]

Griswold Cake Recipes

Griswold Cake Recipes

GRISWOLD CAKES (from  AUNT  ELLEN’S COOKBOOK” insert for GRISWOLD cake molds) By Doris Mosier  LAMB OR  RABBIT CAKES ½ CUP SHORTENING                                                      2 ½ CUPS FLOUR 1 ½ CUPS SUGAR                                                            4 TSPS. BAKING POWDER 3 EGGS                                                                               ½ TSP. SALT 1 CUP MILK                                                   […]

Linda, the Griswold Lamb Cake Mold, and the “Brenda” Standard

Linda, the Griswold Lamb Cake Mold, and the “Brenda” Standard

griswold cake lamb mold old antique vintage cast iron cookware pan
Griswold Cookware Accomplice Linda, just after receiving her gift of a Griswold lamb cake mold.

In 2013, I gave GC Accomplice (“Griswold Cookware Accomplice”) Linda a Griswold Cast Iron Lamb Cake Mold for Christmas. Linda’s last name is “Lamb,” so it seemed appropriate.

Since 2013, Linda repeatedly said she was going to make a lamb cake in the mold, but she procrastinated. When we went to the Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association‘s (GCICA) annual convention in Fargo in 2015, however, Linda was motivated to try the lamb cake after talking to fellow GCICA members Brenda and Doyle. Brenda is a master cake-maker-froster, and she gave Linda tips about making cakes with Griswold cake molds.

Brenda Bernstein Griswold Lamb Santa Rabbit Bee Cast Iron Cake Frosting Vintage Antique
Brenda Bernstein, master cake-maker-froster. Photo by Chris Kendall; downloaded from Facebook.
The “Brenda” standard: Brenda’s lamb cake. Made with a pound cake mixture in a Griswold cast iron cake mold.

Linda decided to give her lamb cake mold a try for a family Easter holiday meal in 2015 (note: Linda now points out that it is not the wisest course of action to make a tricky cake for the first time the very day it is to be served at a large celebration). The chest crumbled and the ears fell off.  The family did not have lamb cake for dessert. Despite best efforts, Linda’s lamb did not meet the “Brenda” standard.

Not to be dissuaded, however, upon their next encounter Linda asked Brenda for insight about what went wrong with her Griswold lamb cake effort. Brenda emphasized the necessity of burying toothpicks into the batter of the ears to hold them to the lamb’s head upon removal of the cake from the pan.

The next time Linda tried making a lamb cake, the ears stayed on, but the lamb’s head fell off.



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