Got a Question?

Have a question about cast iron? Have you researched it and been unable to find the answer? If so, use this form to contact Mary. If you have a great cast iron story, photo(s) or collection that you would like to have considered for the blog, please submit the information via the “Be in the Blog” tab contact form.

Please know that I do not individually respond to requests for valuation of your personal cast iron. Please see “Learn About Your Iron” for resources to assist you in learning more about your iron. Valuation is totally subjective, and really…your piece is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I do not respond to requests for valuation of a piece.

If you have a specific question about something other than what your iron is worth, go ahead and submit it via this form.  If it is something of interest to readers of the blog, I will reply and post the question and reply on the blog. In that case, photos are always helpful! 🙂

Please review our Terms and Conditions before submitting this form – your question and photos might end up on the blog!


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