Griswold Cookware

Collectors and collections, History and Stories

Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!

Griswold Cookware

Collectors and Collections,
History and Stories

Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!


Welcome to the blog! Here you’ll find all sorts of information, history, information, and stories about vintage cast iron cookware made by many manufacturers – not just Griswold, though I love Griswold cookware. You’ll also meet some collectors and have a chance to view their collections. Over the years I have blogged and written about vintage cast iron cookware – you can read more about my interest in vintage cast iron here.

If you’ve reached the site because you are looking for information about the identification, age, or value of your own old cast iron cookware, please take a look at the “Learn About Your Iron” page on this site. Just a small amount of work on your part will reward you with an abundance of information.

Please note: I’m in the process of bringing some of my old blog posts back online, which has been an interesting and educational challenge. You’ll see some of my new and older posts pop up regularly for a bit as I am able to recreate them. Not all are ready (and I don’t have/won’t be able to recreate all of them), but as time permits and I continue to work on the site, you’ll see more posts appear. Enjoy the site and check back often!

Doris’ List of Some of the Reproductions & Fantasy Pieces that have been Made

REPRODUCTIONS, COUNTERFEITS, FANTASY PIECES By Doris Mosier These items have been reproduced, so let the buyer beware of counterfeits! GRISWOLD SKILLETS #0 skillet—iron, chrome, & aluminum #1 skillet, aluminum #2 skillet (iron & aluminum) #3 skillet smooth bottom EPU #3 square skillet #4 block heat ring skillet #5 ERIE 3348 skillet #6 square skillet #13…

M. Etta Moses – Aluminum Cookware Pioneer!

I’m a fan of M. Etta Moses, Griswold’s “Aunt Ellen.” In addition to being the face of Griswold as “Aunt Ellen,” Etta Moses is credited with being the force behind Griswold’s entry into the aluminum cookware market. When Etta Moses died in 1948, newspaper articles hailed her as a “pioneer” and “the first woman to ever…