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Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!

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Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!

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My, How Vintage Cast Iron Cookware Prices Have Changed!

In working to bring this blog back online, I have gone through many photos and documents that I have accumulated over the years.

In doing this, I ran across some of the prices I paid at a 2012 auction. My, how prices have changed!

Sampling of Prices from 2012 Vintage Cast Iron Auction

A few examples of my purchases in 2012:

Favorite Piqua Ware “Smiley” Skillet no. 7: $10.

Favorite Piqua Ware Smiley Vintage Cast Iron Skillet no. 7 with heat ring vintage antique cast iron skillet pan frying
$10! A quick review of eBay shows current asking prices of $50 – $125.

Griswold #7 Tite-Top Dutch oven with Lid. Large block logo EPU. $50.

Vintage Antique Griswold Cast Iron Tite Top Dutch Oven no. 7
. Griswold Tite Top Dutch Oven no. 7 with Fully-Marked lid.

A quick review of eBay asking prices (remember to note the difference between asking and selling price, however!) shows a range of $150 – $300.

Griswold #8 “Iron Mountain” Dutch oven with lid, $50.

Griswold Iron Mountain antique vintage cast iron Dutch oven pot pan with lid cover
Iron Mountain Dutch Oven no. 8 with Cover.

eBay asking prices? $120 – $225.

Griswold Iron Mountain chicken pan with lid (an all-time favorite of mine; I can never resist these) $50.

Griswold Iron Mountain antique vintage cast iron chicken pan deep skillet frying fry fryer 8 with lid cover
I bought an Iron Mountain set just like this in December 2022 at an online auction and paid $75 (not including buyer’s premium and estimated shipping), which I thought (and think) was a great price. eBay current asking prices are $148 – $275.

Griswold slant logo “ERIE” number 5 skillet with heat ring: $25.

griswold antique vintage cast iron skillet 5 724 slant erie heat ring pan fry frying
This pan is not common. There were only two on eBay when I checked. One is offered at $165 and the other at $300.

Another not common pan – Griswold slant logo ERIE number 4. I paid $50.

griswold slant italic logo trademark 4 702 erie heat ring skillet cast iron pan fry frying

There was just one on eBay when I checked, and it was being offered at the very optimistic asking price of $800.

Two Griswold slant logo “ERIE” skillets – a number 3 and a number 5: $25. Absent a seller with no information about the value of vintage cast iron cookware, I’d dare say you’d never get those two for $25 now.

Wagner stylized logo square skillet with glass lid: $25.

wagner ware square skillet cast iron pan fry frying skillet thumb rest glass lid cover
There are a bunch of these skillets on eBay right now; some at auction for very low starting bids. I did not immediately locate any of the square Wagner glass covers. Ironically, shortly after writing this article, a friend’s husband gave me this set from his collection.

Griswold large block logo smooth bottom chicken pan with fully-marked lid: $65. I’d buy these at that price all day every day!

griswold chicken pan antique vintage fry frying skillet deep self basting skillet lid 8 cast iron cover large block logo fully-marked lid
I didn’t look this one up on eBay; I don’t need to as I know they sell for more than twice what I paid.

Griswold #5 plain skillet cover with large block logo EPU: $50.

griswold 5 plain cast iron skillet cover lid top pan
This size is not common, and a quick search of eBay did not reveal any for sale.

Griswold #8 plain skillet cover large block logo EPU: $30.

griswold plain skillet lid cover cast iron top pan frying fry antique vintage
I saw several of these for sale on eBay with low starting bids, but one offered at a “buy it now” price of $160 (which is, IMO, high).

I purchased a handful of these Griswold fully-marked number 8 skillet lids with large block logo EPU for $35/each.
griswold 8 vintage antique self basting skillet lid cover raised letters pan fry frying
There are a number of these on eBay at auction, and some with “buy it now” prices. The buy it now prices range from around $125 to $250.

I also have a recollection of a table filled with “common” Griswold (and other manufacturers) pans, and purchasing a number of #8 skillets for $20-$25 each.

Oh my. Times have changed!

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