Griswold Cookware

Collectors and collections, History and Stories

Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!

Griswold Cookware

Collectors and Collections,
History and Stories

Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!

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Aunt Ellen’s “Delmonico Potatoes”

from The Aunt Ellen Booklet on Waterless Cooking …with 50 famous recipes from Aunt Ellen Aunt Ellen recommended that her “Mexican Meat Roll” be served alongside Delmonico potatoes. I was making the meat roll, so… Who am I to question Aunt Ellen? Delmonico potatoes, it would be. Here is Aunt Ellen’s 1928 recipe in its…

Rose Waddell’s Prize-Winning Mahogany Chiffon Hydrangea Cake

…Made in her Lodge Legacy Fluted Bundt Cake Pan I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy following the “Black Iron Master” contest each Sunday on the Facebook page Black Iron Cooking, Antiques, and Humor. Doyle Pregler and Brenda Bernstein often enter the contest – Brenda with her beautiful cakes and Doyle with his delectable meals. Members of the…

How to Make Griswold Cakes in a Vintage Cast Iron Mold

(from  AUNT  ELLEN’S COOKBOOK” insert for GRISWOLD cake molds) By Doris Mosier  LAMB OR  RABBIT CAKES ½ CUP SHORTENING                                                      2 ½ CUPS FLOUR 1 ½ CUPS SUGAR                                                            4 TSPS. BAKING POWDER 3 EGGS                                                                               ½ TSP. SALT 1 CUP MILK                                                                       1 TSP. VANILLA Cream shortening, add sugar gradually. Cream well. Add…

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