Griswold Cookware

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Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!

Griswold Cookware

Collectors and Collections,
History and Stories

Griswold, Lodge, Wagner, Favorite, Wapak, and More!

Larry and Marg O'Neil of Tacoma WA with vintage Lodge commemorative and advertising cast iron skillets to the side.

The O’Neil Home Cast Iron Collection

I’ve spent some time with Marg and Larry O’Neil at their beautiful home in Tacoma WA, and at their chock-full pole barn private cast iron museum on the outskirts of Tacoma. Each time, I learn more and see more; the collection seems to be never-ending. Some people believe that Larry and Marg have the largest of all of the collections of vintage and antique cast iron. I don’t know, but I do know that they have a lot of iron!

I made a number of videos of their collection. Here are three of the videos, showing their kitchen and dining room. These videos don’t even include the rooms adjacent to the kitchen and dining room, or the upper level bathroom. Yes, I said in the bathroom. There, a Griswold burner has been converted into a towel holder. 

Marg told me that she originally told Larry that he couldn’t bring the cast iron into the house. Then, she said he could only have it in the basement. Before you knew it, however…

Just wait ’til you see the basement and the museum!

You can see more on my youtube channel.

The O’Neil Kitchen and Dining Room


  • Elizabeth Mook

    December 2, 2023 at 12:15 am

    I would like to actually see this collection. Do you have contact information for me and my husband to set up a time to come and visit? I really appreciate any contact information I can get. Thank you!


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